1. What is Buyforyou?

Buyforyou is an international concierge shopping service specializing in helping you purchase items that are hard to find and cheaper items. Our service fee includes:

  • Purchasing your item,
  • Customs declaration,
  • International shipping & handling,
  • Local delivery,
  • Order support.

2. How much does it cost to use Buyforyou?

Buyforyou charges a service fee of 12% of the cost of your item (item cost, local shipping, and local tax), this fee including international shipping and local pickup cost.

3. Do you ship to my country?

You can currently request items from the United States or Hong Kong, and sending to Hong Kong and Macau, but we are constantly working to add more locations.

4. How do refunds work?

Unfortunately, because there are many different parties involved, we cannot offer refunds after you have confirmed and paid for your request.

5. What do I do if I did not receive the item I requested?

If the status of your request has been updated to “Delivered”, but you have not yet received it, please contact support for further assistance. We recommended having your User ID and Order ID ready to expedite the process.

6. What do I do if the item i receive is different from what I requested?

If the item you received is not what you requested and confirmed with Buyforyou, please contact support for further assistance. We recommended having your User ID and Order ID ready to expedite the process.

7. What happens if the price of the item I requested changes or is not available anymore?

Before purchasing any items, Buyforyou will always confirm the price and availability with you. If the price is higher than you expected or becomes unavailable, you can cancel your request without any fees or penalties.

8. Can I request anything I want?

Depending on what you are trying to request and where you want it to be shipped to, there may be certain courier or customs restrictions. To find out what they are, please see our list of Prohibited Items.

9. Can I change or cancel a request?

All requests can be changed or canceled if our team has not yet purchased your requested item(s). Unfortunately, any requests where we have already purchased the requested item(s) may not be changed, canceled, or refunded.

10. What if the country where I want to request an item is not available?

We are always working to improve our service and that includes more locations. Stay up to date with the latest Buyforyou news by subscribing to our email newsletter and following our social media accounts.

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